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Chuck Norris once asked me to beta a fanfic.

I said no.
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895 words, no warnings. Chuck/Sarah, Felicity/Oliver. Mostly done to torture felicityremarkablesmoak and mxpw.


“This is not happening. This is not happening. This is not happening.” Felicity punctuated each sentence with her forehead, though it was kind of starting to hurt, banging it against the Nerd Herd desk. “This is not happening.” She hit her head again.

A bell rang disturbingly close to her left ear. Immediately, she reached out and grabbed Nyssa’s hand. “Really not the time, Ny—”

It occurred to her that the hand she was holding was distinctly not feminine. Wary panic flooded her as she groped to double-check. Maybe Nyssa had just switched moisturizers.


Dread made Felicity’s eyes snap open and she lurched upright. That was definitely not Nyssa standing on the other side of the desk, unless Nyssa had somehow become a very tall, very muscle-y and scruffy man with the most perfect blue eyes ever.

“Uh,” Felicity said, doing her best to keep her lunch down.


Chuck adjusted his laptop bag as he stepped off of the elevator, the cool air of the parking garage hitting him like a shocking wall. He’d have to bust out the warmer jacket soon, for sure, but for now he hurried for the little pill-colored car the company had issued him on his first day, since he sometimes did off-site repairs. Lichtenstein Consolidated’s logo was rather glaringly huge on the side, and the red and white design looked like one of those Tide gel capsules Ellie sometimes put in the laundry, but Chuck was just grateful he didn’t actually have to worry about getting a car yet. MIT did not come cheap.

He was the latest one at the office, of course. He was always the last to leave, but Johnson’s computer had been acting up, and Chuck knew the VP had a meeting in the morning. His supervisor would take credit—Big Mike always did—which burned a little. Chuck just wanted to go home, put on some Guitar Shredder and drink a really nice bottle of wine, and forget all about his miserable, miserable day.

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Good, Oliver needs competition to see whats right in front of him.


This show has made some questionable decisions in the past, but this is by far the worst decision they’ve ever made. I just have no words for how terrible this is.

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favourite character meme | three outfits

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favourite character meme | three outfits

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Perfect haha


Perfect haha

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got a book contract today so freaking out a little bit and might take time to reply to comments on Mrs. Cupid. As you were.

All my plans are coming to fruition.

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Try food!
Helena + Food = OTP

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A wise man that appreciates the finer things like blonde Australians.

Not just blonde Australians these days. Mostly just blondes. ;-)

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